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The following are testimonials from a selection of my past clients. Please feel free to phone them if you wish to find out first hand how they benefited from our Buteyko course.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your tuition on a course of Buteyko. As you know I have suffered from emphysema and sinus problems for almost 12 years. I am still continuing with the breathing management programme. For the past 2 years I have taken no medication whatsoever. My lungs and breathing have greatly improved and I have been discharged from the chest clinic, and told by the specialist to continue with the breathing exercises. Now I lead a full and active and healthy life. Thanks to you and Buteyko, I’m forever in your debt.

Eric Parnham, Kirby Cross
01255 671170

Buteyko has cured my asthma and has done more than all the self help books, homeopathy and Reiki, TM [Transcendental Meditation], and Alexander Technique put together in banishing fear and anxiety and finding balance and stillness and a centre finally at 55.

Stephen Boswell
01473 422186

When exercises as simple as learning to breathe properly are so effective, why isn’t the medical profession sitting up and taking notice. It would save them millions of pounds, and fewer people would be taking so many [asthma] drugs.

Alison Hynam
01206 852 428

For months I haven’t been able to hold a conversation without coughing. In just a few days on the course and breathing through my nose all the time, what a difference! There is no tickle and the feared cough has disappeared when I’m talking!

Gillie Tomkeys
01702 559558

I am now able to go into a humid bathroom without experiencing breathing difficulties and often sleep through the night without disturbance – if these positive changes in my breathing can take place in my first week of using the Buteyko Method, I feel confident that the problems that the summer weather usually brings me will be much alleviated with the exercieses.

Valerie Lewis
01473 822740

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