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Dean Rees-EvansDean Rees-Evans trained as a Buteyko practitioner in the year 2000 under Jennifer and Russell Stark of Buteyko Asthma Management New Zealand. After completing his training he set up a practice in his hometown of Colchester to operate as the main practitioner in the East Anglian Region of the UK. Educated at the University of Liverpool, Chester Campus, Dean graduated with a first class honours degree in English and Drama but, after having suffered with asthma since he was a teenager, Dean decided that there must be something that would really help with his condition. Having tried almost every kind of complimentary medicine for asthma with varying degrees of success Dean discovered the Buteyko method.

After attending a public talk by Russell Stark, Dean decided there and then that if what this man was saying about Buteyko was true then he would train as a practitioner himself! After attending the Buteyko course, Dean managed to stop taking his reliever medication in only 24 hours, before which he had been taking many times a day for many, many years. After several months of practicing the exercises taught on the Buteyko course, with the assistance of his doctor, Dean managed to completely come off all of his steroid based preventer medication. The comment his MD made at the time was that 'anything that can help you get off medication is worth doing'.

After several years of teaching the method to many people in the East Anglian region Dean is determined to spread the word of Buteyko, explaining that no-one should ever have to die from asthma and that the statistics of 1500 to 2000 people each year who die from attacks are all preventable deaths. The method is clear, simple to understand and helps to put a person's asthma into gentle remission in the most natural way, just as it had done for Dean, who claims that he, now in his early forties, is far healthier, happier and in much better shape than he was in his twenties when he suffered from this debilitating condition. He exclaims, 'Why suffer when you can get your life back with Buteyko. It was the main reason I became a practitioner; to help as many people to break free from the drug dependency they get caught in without the greater understanding you get with this method'.