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The Buteyko method is taught over a five day period over which all of the exercises are taught gently sitting in a chair. The course invariably starts with a public seminar which constitutes the first day of the course in most cases. The course consists of a series of lectures that form the basis for a greater understanding of a person's condition and how the Buteyko breathing exercises can alleviate their symptoms:

- The medication they take, and how to take it most effectively.

- It looks at nutrition and diet associated connections to a person's condition.

- Exercises which consist of nose clearing, as most asthmatics usually suffer with nasal problems too.

- Cough suppression (which is very gentle) as coughing can be a major difficulty for asthmatics, and can in the long run lead to lung damage.

- Hyperventilation reduction exercises to help with panic attacks and to gently alleviate asthma symptoms without the need for a bronchodilator (reliever) medication.

- Pause/pulse (which measures the levels of carbon dioxide in the body to assess progress).

- Reduced breathing sets which form the main bulk of exercises taught and practiced during the course, which gently increase carbon dioxide to help alleviate asthma and associated symptoms.

Essentially the course is an education package that gently re-educates a person's breathing patterns to put their condition in to remission which has no equal in the world today; no other form of complimentary practice or allopathic treatment can reverse asthma the way Buteyko can. Buteyko is the art of breathing, something everyone can benefit from.

Please check to see if there are any upcoming events or contact us to ask further questions or book a course.